Worship My Big Butt

Released at: March 23, 2012 by Tiffany Preston Productions
Tiffany Preston a hot brunette shows you in three scenes how much she loves her ass worshipped. She comes home from work in a black top and short skirt. Bra and panties underneath and sexy black pumps. Her male partner finds her so incredibly sexy. Her large tits protruding out of her blouse. Before you know it, he's caressing her nice round ass. He can't get enough of it in his face as she smother's him. He loves to lick her ass with his tongue and she loves it too. Wait till you see her pink outfit in the next scene, she stays on the counter top just to have her asshole licked. Lastly, she sits on her males face in all different positions in another short black skirt, white top and black pantyhose and heels, of course.

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