University Co-eds 12

Released at: July 8, 2018 by Dane Productions
Welcome to our twelfth edition of University Co-eds, and wow...what an issue! Never in my life have I seen so many beautiful young women in one issue...fuckin' incredible! For you avid porno hounds, we have an all European version that will knock your socks off! Our cover girl, Caroline is a sweet blonde Hungarian who just can't get enough cock to satisfy her insatiable desires. Her freshness and beauty are unparalleled in the hisory of University Co-eds. Mira is a Czech co-ed brunette with icy blue eyes that seem to be as alluring and cold as the frozen winter tundra. Her breathtaking natural beauty was mesmerizing and awesome in its power...She seemed to be as unspiled and as innocent as a child. Linda Thorn is a Swedish blonde whose comination of youth, freshness and appetite for sex was amazing to see. Lilly is a Spanish co-ed who has an ass like a Russian racehorse. She plays a maid to a rich businessman whose desire for her are as hot as molten lava. All in all another great edition and the same great quality that you are accustomed to here at Dane Productions. As always, that you for your support.

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