True Crime

Released at: June 22, 2018 by Dane Productions
True Crime is a series that delves into the motives behind certain crimes. We have a lineup of hard sex and crime stories that will knock the socks off anybody that enjoys this genre. This series is reminiscent of the old detective magazines made in the 50s and 60s that used to be hidden in the back of your dad's closet. Now it's your turn to carry on the family tradition. The scenes are as follows: The Evil that Men do, Cat Burglar, Coke Whore, The Vig, and Overdose. Shee-it! Now you can buy your own and enjoy! Hell, now it's your turn!!! True Crime is something special for the connoisseur of adult entertainment. Hope y'all enjoy!

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Scene1: 00:02:58 - 00:23:43 (20:45)

Scene2: 00:24:26 - 00:42:39 (18:13)

Scene3: 00:42:45 - 01:12:20 (29:35)

Scene4: 01:17:30 - 01:32:10 (14:40)

Scene5: 01:32:16 - 01:49:57 (17:41)