Top Heavy Tarts 13

Released at: October 12, 2009 by Rodney Moore
Scenes Include ============ Casting Couch Cutie (Cali Haze & Rodney) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Rodney's back to his old tricks, working the casting couch with cutie pie (and super naturally busty) Cali Haze. She's eager to get into the mainstream acting biz, but of course, Rodney has bigger plans for her, mainly getting his hands on those big luscious mounds, and his big cock inside her tasty snatch. She's a blonde, so Rodney has no problem convincing her that the road to stardom starts with his penis in her mouth and pussy. Devin Rae & Angelica Sweet --------------------------------------------- Cute naturally busty Angelica comes to work on the new casual Fridays wearing a very short dress. Boss lady (and even more naturally busty) Devon is outraged at her attire. Being mean and cruel, she punishes her by making her take the dress off and really look like a slut. When she demands she parade her naked body around all the male office workers, Angelica breaks down crying. Devin suddenly feels bad and apologizes to her. This leads to them making out passionately, and soon after some serious tongue, they're licking each other's pussies. Then Devon has Angelica pull a strap-on out of her desk and use it on her. HOT! Cocksucker in Training ------------------------------------ Caroline Pierce, Cindy Jones, Chris Johnson & Alan Stafford - In Caroline's Sex Dungeon, her newest addition, Cindy, needs breaking in. Caroline releases two of her Men from their cages to feed Cindy some hard cock. She immediately sucks down every inch of dick offered, slurping and drooling like a good little cocksucker. Satisfied, Caroline makes the men cum all over Cindy's pretty face. Sexy Sadie (Sadie Grey & Rodney) ------------------------------------------------------- Rodney needs a last minute lingerie model so he doesn't loose his account. He discovers the beautiful and sexy Sadie walking by outside and invites her into his studio. She's happy to try her hand at modeling and soon she's showing the camera what a natural she is. Rodney then shows her how easy it is to make the transition to topless, then nude modeling. And when she's flat on her back, she finds it easy to have him lick her pussy and slide his hard cock up in her. She seems to love her new career choice, and once they're done fucking, Rodney rewards her with a Monster Facial. Fear of the Rack (Angelica Raven & Barry Scott) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Barry goes to the Doctor because he has a severe big-tit phobia. Dr. Hooters (Angelica) says that the only way to get over his fears is to confont them. Having said that, she whips out her big rack and makes him take a closer look. They're big, beautiful, soft and natural and as Barry starts to suck on them, he realizes that there's nothing to be scared of. Angelica confesses that she used to have a fear of blowjobs, then proceeds to show him how much she loves to take cock in her mouth now. She sucks him hard until he cums on her face and tits.

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