Three's a Crowd?

Released at: March 26, 2020 by MissaX
Ava (Casey Calvert) is resting while husband Drew (Codey Steele) hangs out with his best friend Dan (Michael Vegas). Dan confesses that he is envious of Drew's relationship. Drew has confided in Dan that Ava gives the best blowjobs ever; she's a very kinky, albeit good, girl. Dan's wife hasn't had sex with him since she had their son, and she was never interested in giving blowjobs. Dan confesses to his good friend that his wife is allowing him to see a high-end escort overseas. Drew's shocked and disturbed by the idea. Does he wonder what he could do for his friend? What if he could convince his wife to give Dan an amazing blow job? Drew feels his dick twitch from the idea of his wife being taken by another man. He wouldn't dare allow his wife to be taken by just any man, but his best friend is like a brother to him. If only she would agree? Watch the story unfold...

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