That Sitcom Show Vol. 8: I Love the 80s

Released at: March 1, 2022 by Nubiles
Crissy and Janet have both fucked Jack and now they need to compare notes. They don't know Jack is listening in on their conversation as they get under each other's skin and then talk about Crissy's hot friend. Jack is pretty sure that the girls are talking about bringing in another girl to hook him up, so he prepares his expectations accordingly. His dreams come true when Krissy arrives and is, indeed, super hot. Crissy and Janet take off to go get drinks, and Jack takes that opportunity to make out with Krissy and bury his face between her big knockers. It's; not long before Krissy is on her knees sucking Jack off and even giving him a titty fuck. When Crissy and Janet return, they're shocked to see Tyler with his dick buried balls deep in Krissy's mouth. He pulls Crissy in, but Janet sinks down into a chair to observe the situation and figure out what to do. Janet's shock eventually turns to horniness as Jack disengages from his double BJ and gets Crissy onto the couch to fuck her greedy twat. Soon enough, Crissy has Jack inside her while Krissy rides her friend's face. Finding it hot as hell, Janet slips out of her pants to masturbate as she watches. That's obviously not enough to satisfy Janet for long, so she gets naked to join in! Planting her pussy on Crissy's face, Janet rides her roommate's mouth while Krissy eats Crissy out with Jack fucking her doggy style. Then Janet gets her turn with Jack's fuck stick as Crissy makes magic with her mouth beneath them and Krissy uses her tongue to bring Crissy off. The girls are all eager for Jack's big load, so when he pulls out of Janet's snatch at the last moment and covers her ass and Crissy's face in his cum shot they are all satisfied. Willis is the lucky winner of the sex competition between himself and his friend Johnny. The prize is a trip to Blair's bedroom, although Willis finds himself at an initial disadvantage since Blair is fully clothed and he is butt naked. Blair leads him on a merry chase, directing Willis to massage her shoulders but not touch her compelling boobs. It takes some time and coaxing, but eventually, Willis gets Blair's blouse off and finally enjoys the opportunity to put his hands all over her buxom body. When Blair invites Willis in for a kiss, he slips his hand between her thighs to feel how hot and ready she is. His fingers slide easily into her tight twat, paving the way for his big dick once he's done making magic with his fingers and mouth. When Willis takes Blair's place in bed, Blair swings one leg over his waist and mounts his stiffie in reverse cowgirl. That gives them complete control of her pleasure as she rides her way to orgasm. Blair isn't done with Willis yet! She lets him pound her greedy twat as she lays on her back, which gives Willis plenty of opportunity to palm her big boobs. Then she gets on her hands and knees so Willis can give her one more climax. As she's getting off, she instructs Willis not to cum inside her since she's not on birth control, but it's too late because he has already blown his load. Janet and Crissy have invited a third roommate to move in with them, but there's just one problem: Jack is a guy and their landlord is pretty old-fashioned about that kind of thing. While the girls are getting changed in their bedroom, they discuss the situation. Their solution is to tell Jack he must pretend to be gay. Unfortunately, both Janet and Crissy want to be the ones to teach Jack how he needs to act. In the end, they call Jack in and explain things to him together. A while later, Crissy decides to just go ahead into Jack's room and help him act gay. Little does she know that Jack was jerking off before she arrived in his room. As Crissy is trying to tell him what to do, Jack can't help but stare at her titties. She eventually pops them out so he can get it out of his system. Instead, the opposite happens and Jack makes a move on her that she's powerless to deny. Next thing Crissy knows, she's sucking Jack's sizable fuck stick and then taking it deep in her nicely trimmed twat. They don't stop fucking until Jack pulls out and jizzes on Crissy's stomach. Later, Janet struts into the living room dressed to the nines. Jack assumes that Janet is on her way to date, but Janet had something a little more homey in mind. She claims she was going to make dinner and asks if Jack wanted to join her. Next thing Jack knows, Janet has pulled him in for a kiss while his hand is free to sneak beneath her miniskirt. He gets to experience a BJ from his other roommate, and then she mounts him and starts riding his stiffie! When Jack gets the chance to pile drive Janet on the living room couch, he can't help but creampie her. Beaver is feeling horny, so he whips out his meat and starts masturbating. His mom walks in on him and can't help but admire how big her son's dick is, but she flees before Beaver can finish and inspect his hands that are covered in cum. Mom confronts dad to let him know that Beaver has been playing with his dingaling. Dad agrees to go talk to Beaver, but ultimately that leaves Beaver more confused. He decides to invite Emily over to talk it out with her. Eventually, he offers to just show her. Pulling his pants out, Beaver shows off his big johnson to Emily. She agrees to touch it. Soon she's having so much fun that she can't resist the urge to put her mouth on it. Emily likes playing with Beaver's hardon, but their experimentation doesn't stop there. Emily slowly takes off her dress so Beaver can admire her tight little body from her small breasts to her bare twat. Then she guides Beaver's hands and mouth as he experiments with what feels good to her. When Beaver slides his fuck stick all the way into Emily's tight snatch, they both realize they've never enjoyed themselves quite so much before. Now that they've awakened those urges, they can't resist trying other positions. Emily enjoys doggy style, but she really finds it orgasmic to ride Beaver's stiffie until he fills her with a creampie of hot man milk. Emily leaves with a big smile, and Beaver joins his dad on the couch to brag about doing just what dad said by putting his milk in her flower. As he's stumbling through his explanation, Beaver unintentionally reveals that his mom has been fucking the milkman.

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