Superfuckers 15

Released at: July 24, 2002 by Hustler
Whores come a dime a dozen. SUPERFUCKERS are one in a million. These exquisite sluts are genetic miracles-their perfect bodies imbued with an astounding hunger for prick. Professor Flynt's School For Exceptional Cocksuckers hones these whores into perfect sex machines. The Anal Room, our high-tech, hard-core training grounds buried miles beneath the Flynt mansion, is where all the action happens. A flawless body is stripped and spread. Cocks attack from every angle, penetrating and stretching ass flesh to its limits. Breasts are manhandled as dual joints piston a ravaged crack. Intense bursts of sploodge blind the babe, befouling her stunning face. **Hustler's Superfuckers #15** puts cunts to the test.

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