Released at: March 28, 2023 by Deutschland Porno
Friends, Germany's ultimate gang bang film is in front of you. The warm glue practically pours out of this DVD. We are looking for Germany's ultimate sperm queen. Our first candidate is none other than Anna v.Freienwalde, who is already well known in XXX circles. With her maids Mona and Maja she meets the 20 most powerful studs in the republic. The servants are allowed to warm up with the maids. Any sperm splattered on or in the maids has to be eaten up completely by Anna. It doesn't matter whether the semen comes from a maid's asshole or from a servant's exploding glans - Anna has to swallow everything. Incredible messes, excessive anal sex, tough DPs and a spectacular, extremely slimy finale will inspire you. Pure lust until the last minute. Have fun!

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