Spankin Down the Highway Pt. 3

Released at: July 1, 2007 by Raven Hill Studios
Mardi Gras in New Orleans is the time and place for wild, uninhibited behavior. That's why Raven Hill Studios found it the perfect place to find REAL-LIFE girls, not professional actresses or models, to give authentic, bare-bottomed spankings to! Driving an old RV from Florida to New Orleans the Raven Hill crew found parking right off of Bourbon Street, then proceeded to hit the streets with cameras rolling. Sure, we caught many girls baring their breasts and bottoms in the traditional revelry. But we went way beyond that! We found wild, naughty girls who thought getting a spanking in our RV would be a fun and profitable experience! Instead, they found out that when Raven Hill girls get spanked, they really get spanked! Large-breasted and totally vivacious Danielle, from South Dakota, let everything hang out as she got naked, then got over her spanker's knee for a sound butt reddening experience. Next she experienced the deep pain of the hairbrush, and the biting sting of the cane. Danielle's friend Pam, partying all the way from New Zealand, bent way over and stuck her beautifully petite tush out for bare naked hand spanking, paddling and leather strapping. Plus, you can select from two and three different angles to watch each girl get spanked! Its authentic, "girl-off-the-street" hard spanking action you won't see anywhere else.

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