Shape Of Beauty Vol. 2

Released at: August 7, 2019 by Adult Time
Adult Time proudly presents ~~Shape Of Beauty~~ . . .the First Premium BBW Showcase Series. Sofia Rose is busy working out with her personal trainer, Derrick Pierce. Her tight workout pants and sports bra beautifully show off her sensual curves. Estella Bathory is enjoying herself as she sexily dances along to her favorite music. She's a sensual dancing queen, and her girlfriend Mischievous Kitty has the perfect view of her juicy ass. Feeling sexy and frisky, Falicha Karr saunters down a hallway, wearing nothing but white lingerie to show off her gorgeous curves. She makes a beeline for the bedroom where her boyfriend, Jack Kross, is resting in bed. Mischievous Kitty and her husband Mam Steel get home after a fun afternoon of shopping. He wants to see his voluptuous wife show off all the sexy clothes that he got for her today, so they run upstairs, anxious to get the fun started.

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