Rocco's Dirty Girls #9

Released at: July 17, 2022 by Evil Angel - Rocco Siffredi
Devastating sunbathers Angelika Grays and Lilu Moon cavort poolside under bright rays. Pretty blonde Angelika and brunette sweetie Lilu get naked and worship each other's tight, oiled body. Angelika's lubed fingers stimulate Lilu's anus and bare twat. Angelika's boyfriend, muscular Erik Everhard, emerges from the pool to kiss and fondle the two seductresses. He strokes his dork to full erection. Blowjob time: The young girls trade off sucking his big cock. Lilu straddles his boner for an anal ride as they splash in the shallow water. Erik frigs her clit as Angelika gulps his meat, tasting Lilu ass-to-mouth. In the lagoon, Erik rails Angelika's pussy. The hot threesome moves indoors, where Erik worships Lilu with a rim job. He buttfucks Lilu until her asshole gapes hugely! She pulses from hard, doggie-style ass reaming while she eats Angelika's cunt with lesbian lust. Erik jams his javelin in Angelika's asshole as Lilu grinds her shaved snatch across his face. Erik slams Angelika's twat while she masturbates furiously. His orgasm erupts, coating Lilu's tongue with semen that drips onto Angelika's belly. Lilu laps up the cum facial and swaps semen with Angelika. Enticing, mysterious Candice Demellza guides Rocco Siffredi's verité-style camera to an intimate encounter between stunning blonde Valentina and studly Italian Raul Costa. Raul gives a rim job to the bent, spread Valentina. Valentina shows off her deepthroat blowjob virtuosity. Aroused, Candice exposes her tiny, natural tits and wet twat. She takes Raul's meat in her submissive mouth. Candice mounts Raul, engulfing his root in her snatch, as Valentina licks her clit and sucks her tit. Candice's spit-soaked tongue lubes Valentina's open asshole. Raul reams Valentina's butt doggie-style as she gives Candice sweet lesbian cunnilingus. Valentina gallops on Raul's rod, taking an anal reaming, and Candice gives him ass-to-mouth head! Rocco's POV-style camera captures Candice intimately sucking his big cock. The girls trade off - Valentina fellates Rocco and Raul fucks Candice's pussy. The guys spit-roast Valentina, Rocco's thick prick nailing her ass while she blows Raul. Valentina takes a feral double penetration, Rocco filling her twat and Raul stuffing her bunghole. Rocco blasts his load into Candice's hungry mouth. Raul's spunk splatters Valentina with a cum facial. The decadent foursome concludes with the girls bathing in a sloppy sperm kiss. Frustrated tutor Erik Everhard complains to the camera that today's young women ignore the benefits of education, instead opting for uninhibited sex and mindless fun. Erik confronts pretty brunettes Liza Billberry and Lexy Gold about ignoring their lessons. The giggling cuties confess that they prefer to watch porn. "Show me what you've learned," demands Erik. Lexy drops to her knees and fingers Liza's butthole, stretching it. Erik pulls out his hard boner and fucks Lexy's willing throat. The insolent beauties give enthusiastic blowjobs, competing to take Erik's erection in their hungry mouths. Erik worships Liza's ass while she sucks Lexy's bare twat. Erik shoves his dick in Liza's snatch, fucking the student with authority. Lexy primes Liza with a lesbian rim job. Erik's meat stuffs Liza's asshole, and Lexy tastes dick ass-to-mouth. Erik stacks the tramps, alternating his prick thrusts between Liza's bunghole and Lexy's cunt. He eats Lexy's box as Liza sucks her tiny tits. Multiple rounds of anal reaming make Liza's sphincter gape! The wild threesome includes rectal reaming and gaping for Lexy too. Erik splashes Lexy with a cum facial. Nasty semen slips from her tongue and drizzles into Liza's waiting mouth. The chicks kiss passionately, locking semen-soaked lips. Acting coach Vince Karter rehearses with dark-haired, olive-skinned siren Soyivania. As the thespians workshop a romantic scenario, they become aroused, and art imitates life: Vince plunges fingers into her twat. Her panties stripped, she kicks off her heels as he makes her twat wet. Studly Vince unzips his fly, freeing his big cock. She gives him a sloppy blowjob and tongues his ball sack. He fucks Soyivania's inviting mouth. She rubs spit into her crotch and masturbates. She displays excellent deepthroat skills! Vince hammer-fucks Soyivania's tight pussy, jamming her slit with raunchy gusto. The natural-bodied dirty girl worships his nuts and rims his sphincter. She straddles Vince's rigid rod and rides him, his prick in her snatch. They hump and pump in several positions as the steamy action builds to climax. Vince reaches maximum velocity, basting open-mouthed Soyivania with a cum facial. She loudly smacks her large-nipple tits as she massages Vince's creamy jizz into her skin. Soyivania tastes Vince's semen on her fingertips.

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