Riding The Sybian

Released at: August 15, 2021 by Mature British Lesbians
I had taken our new nurse Summer Angel Lee into the Treatment Room to give her a practical demonstration of our Sybian Sex Machine, I asked her to strip off ready and I demonstrated the controls then she climbed aboard and slid down on the thick shaft and I gently worked the controls until she got used to it and she was certainly enjoying it and screamed and writhed about with pleasure asking me to turn it up to maximum power until she couldnt take any more and asked me to turn it down then I handed her the controls so she could control the intensity as she rode the machine and she soon brought herself to orgasm squirting everywhere. Now its my turn and I climb aboard and Hand Summer the controls and she turns up the intensity gradually bringing it to Maximum and I soon Reach a climax. Now Summer Needs a piss so I lay down and she lets go all her golden nectar all over my tits.

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