Raylene At 9 Months

Released at: March 16, 2014 by 97% Amateurs
Raylene introduces herself. She is 37.5 weeks and due at any moment. Nice big belly. Lifts her top up. Takes the top off all the way and we see that she is going braless. Belly rub. Pushes her boobs together. Some boob juggling. Running in place. She is holding her belly and laughing. Side to side standing boob wiggle. Same in slow motion. Colliding boobs. Same in slow motion. Plays with her black top. Cradles her boobs tightly. Leaning forward with a side to side wiggle. Same in slow motion. Tosses her top. Stretches her right nipple. We measure her right nipple at about 3 inches. Boob choke and wiggle. Same in slow motion Walks back onto the set wearing black lace panties, thigh highs, high heeled boots and a hot pink top. We look at the boots some more. Lifts her top up and off. Puts on a lilac and black patterned bra. Adjusts it. Jiggles her boobs a bit in the bra. Overhead boob and belly view. Sitting on the floor with legs far apart. One bra cup peeled down. We zoom in on her see-thru panties. Brings her left knee up to her chest. Takes the bra off and poses with it. Holds it over her head. Boob wiggle with her bra strap. Same in slow motion. Nipple flicking in slow motion. Pulls on her right nipple and lifts up her boob... Then drops it. Same in slow motion. Wiggles her boob by her nipple. Does 3 sitting down slow motion bra tosses. Gets out of her high heeled boots very slowly. Then gets output of her leggings. Lays on her back and pulls off her panties. We zoom in on her pussy. Side belly views while laying down. Plays with her nipples a bit. Lays on her side and we drape her belly with a medium blue sheer cloth. Belly and boob views. Rubs her belly again and the baby likes it. Some sitting up poses. Legs stretched out and we focus on a nice toe wiggle. Comes back on the set with a black one piece maternity swimsuit. Puts it on. A very nice fit indeed. Spanks her butt a few times. Slow motion butt wiggle. Belly side view. Off with the swimsuit. Kicks it at the camera. We have some nice side belly )pussy merge) views. Fully naked standing poses. Arms over the boobs. She gets into some striped red and black stockings and then puts on a bright red with black accents corset. Surprisingly it fits and outlines the bulging belly in a spectacular fashion. Standing boob wiggle up and down. Same in slow motion. Starts to take the corset off. Tosses the corset. Pulls down panties for a nice pussy reveal. We swap up into a black fishnet body stocking that comes up as far as a few inches away from the belly button. Turns around and leans forward. Nice boob wiggle side to side with a hanging belly seen from between her legs. Same in slow motion. We wrap a white sheer cloth around Raylene's neck and she uses it to wiggle her boobs up and down. Same in slow motion. We play with a lilac colored sheer cloth and we do several slow motion sequences with the cloth. Raylene puts the boot on over the fishnets. In a sitting down pose we zoom in on her pussy. She was more comfortable for us to zoom in when she felt like she was "clothed"... Says her goodbyes. What can we say about pretty girls with babies in their bodies? Well, we know that pheromones are naturally attracted to these women for the chemicals they are emitting. We can say that their breasts are making men subconsciously want to procreate, what with the glands full of milky treats. Our lady of the hour here knows how long life is and is going for it! Her baby's gonna be an awesome artist! If you think girls in glasses are sexy... then add her luscious 9 month belly into the mix and you have a super sexy session that pretty well has it all! Eight outfit changes just to mix things up. A corset, swimsuit, fishnets and a lot more are here to be lurked! Watch as she tries on some knee high boots... Her full term belly is simply amazing! We photographed her against her favorite color (which is fuchsia)colored background! :) We do not film XXX. We go as far as heavy "R" rating sometimes pushing into an "X." Some do full spreads and play with our glass dildos. Our focus here is pregnancy, the belly and when we can, we try to get some milk out of those swollen nipples! If XXX porn bores you but you still enjoy looking at pregnant naked women, then this series is a perfect fit! In porno's, men spoil the view! More of the women are naked in 5 minutes of our videos than the typical shows in 90+ minutes.

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