Power Goddess - Worship & Domination

Released at: April 22, 2015 by Iron Belles
The Power Goddess is back in action and what a muscular sight for deprived eyes she is! She saunters into the room in a skin tight electric blue knit dress with heels and her worshipper is shocked into speechlessness! She is so muscular and beautiful at the same time and he just cannot keep his hands off her. She strikes some poses and keeps telling him to worship her body from head to toe...which is what he does. He helps her take off the dress showing off her natural and thick pectorals and then some! Power Goddess demands respect and worship from her admirer in this powerful video segment. She gives him a power bear hug and continues to strip down to the "Buff" showing all her powerful body. All through this Muscle Worship session her admirer keeps asking "Squeeze Please" which she willingly obliges. Watch her power, see her awesome muscular physique! She is Awesome! Power Goddess carries around her admirer and he is in heaven. He keeps asking her to squeeze him. She squeezes to please! She is totally in the buff and more body worship and then he carries her around. She then throws him down to the ground and proceeds to dominate him in various wrestling holds all the while taunting him to worship her. Standing head squeezes and total nude body scissors makes this Power Goddess unbelievable and incredibly sexy!

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