Playtime Nudes Presents: Heather Vandeven 3

Released at: April 27, 2011 by Playtime Video
Heather Vandeven is here to get you off and make you cum! She starts you off in a mesh see through tie top, skin tight satin panties and cute white socks. As she stands in front of you tugging away at her panties she is giving you instructions on what to do with your cock. She places that nice panty covered mound right over your face and tells you to hold your load. Even with her panties outlining every detail of her little pussy you are expected to hold your load and sit on your hands. She climbs up on the kitchen table and peels away her panties so that she can serve you that moist pink meat you have been waiting for. Now that you've lost a load all over her pussy it's her turn. She breaks out her huge pink vibrator and fucks herself from every angle until you both orgasm together. You're a student caught obsessing over Mrs. Vandeven's flexibility as she stretches in her spandex leotard. She calls you into her room and confronts you with your built up sexual frustrations. She is going to give you a private one on one crash course on masturbation, so pay attention. Follow her instructions as you listen and watch very closely at what she is teaching you. She pulls the leotard to the side gives you up close views of her pussy as she describes what it feels like to be inside it. The leotard comes off and she allows you to see her pussy bent over in various positions before burying her fingers deep inside while guiding you into the most incredible jerk off explosion ever. Class is dismissed! You start off at Heathers feet as she stands over you in matching black bra and panty with sexy black stockings telling you how pathetic you are. She throws that perfect tight body of hers in your face while she laughs at your need for her. She confronts you about your blow up doll and brags about her control over you. She decides to exercise her control over you as she pulls her panties to the side and tells you to lick up your mess. Heather plays the most unfair "imagine if" head games with you as she slowly removes her bra and panty. In only her stockings she pulls out her life like cock and lubes it up before role playing a hand job on your fat cock. Lucky for you she gets so turned on by jerking you off that she takes your cock and stuffs it deep in her pussy as she talks that nasty filth to you. Needless to say you both cum all over each other and call it a wrap! Heather takes time out after the final scene to answer questions from some of her fans that have written to her. It's an inside look at some up close and personal things about Heather that you may really enjoy knowing. Wow. This woman is giving in more ways than one. Heather is a true sexual goddess to every man that has ever seen her. What a babe.

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