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Released at: April 6, 2022 by Touch My Wife
The wife and I are finally ready to step into the swingers' game. After a night of partying, Carolina found a hot young stud to bring home. He slowly peels her skin tight dress off, licking her nipples and playing with her pussy.. She throws her head back with pleasure and moans 'I need you inside of me!'I love watching my wife suck and fuck this random guy. He fucked my wife with his massive rod, and I sat on the egde of the bed enjoying every second of it! I grab a hold of her neck while she rides him, it was so hot seeing her with another man! My wife came at least 3 or 4 times, something I haven't been able to get her to do in a few years.. He finally finishes on her face, leaving her completely covered in his cum! I found my wife in the bedroom with another man at the party we were at. It was so incredibly hot watching her with another guy, and I came in at the perfect time... I sit back and watch my wife tease this younger man in front of me, and I could tell Addie couldn't wait to have me see her fuck him. She gets her perfect pink pussy pounded by his big thick cock.. I haven't heard my wife cum this much in years! I love watching Addie bend over the bed for him, begging for more. He finally flips her over and sprays her petite body, covering her in his cum. My lusty Latina wife has always had a thing for my good friend JMac. We drive over to his place, mustering up the courage & fooling around on the way there. Once we get there it's not long before JMac has my wife dripping all over his giant cock. She couldn't stop cumming & I got to watch it all! New Year's Eve is always an excellent time of year - it makes my wife (Slimthick Vic) super horny. We're already out partying when I catch her freshening up in the bathroom. She is excited and wants to fuck. Her tits look incredible in that dress. Her pussy immaculate when I pull her panties down. Her backside looks like it came off an assembly line as I spread her out to take a good look at her holes. She's wet already. So when I find her kissing some strange black guy at midnight, I'm not surprised. We find a room for some privacy and my wife and Jay Bangher make out some more before he starts fingering her. His big black cock springs right into her face as she pulls it out - she looks pleased as she blows him intensely. Jay stretches my wfie's picture-perfect shaved pussy out with his dark dick and it doesn't take long for her to start cumming. Everything on her jiggles & sways in just the right way as this random guy pounds away at her insides. Jay finally cums right in my wife's pussy, leaving her with a healthy creampie to usher in the new year. My voluptuous wife Aria & I picked up a stud while we were at the bar. She's always wanted to do this - fuck a big black cock while I watch. She is nervous but excited, especially when she feels the size of this guy's dick through his boxers. She couldn't help herself but slurp it up as soon as it came out. The stud plays with my wifes big naturals and fat bottom before penetrating her from behind. Aria seems to get all religious once he's inside of her, calling for her god repeatedly as she gets pounded by the thick dick. He makes my wife orgasm a few times before pulling out & shooting his load all over her hairy pussy. My lush of a wife Sheena is a little loose when she admits she has a crush on my friend Peter. She ends up teasing him with her hairy muff & big tits til she gives Peter the real deal. Watching your wife get railed til orgasm is a great way to spend an afternoon!

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