Panochitas Vol. 1

Released at: November 18, 1999 by Diabolic Video
Spicy video virgin DYANA, opens up our first volume. She gives Vince Voyeur a lengthy blowjob then manages to fit him into her virgin asshole! This pretty 18-year-old has a well worked pussy and a sperm covered face once it is all said and done. Lyli is so sexual, she keeps Mr. Marcus on the edge of cumming throughout the entire scene. One look at her big brown willing eyes and you may find yourself close to cumming also! Lusty Latinas Candy and Melissa give Vince and Marcus a delicious taste of what Latin America has to offer. Candy obviously enjoys Mr. Marcus' big dick in her cunt and Melissa is willing to contort into any position to satisfy Vince Vouyer. Both ladies are rewarded with their much deserved faces full of cum! Angie, a very exotic girl from the Dominican-Republic enthusiastically sucks Vince's cock like there is no tomorrow. She really loves cock, and when he cums, she has no choice but to drink the juice she has worked so hard for! All girls should be as eager as this video virgin. Sofia is built for sex! First she takes Mr. Marcus on the beach, for some good pussy pounding. Then she goes back to the hotel to have Vince fuck her meaty ass and give her a healthy serving of sperm. Victoria, our hostess is definitely the hottest Latina in the group! She gets fucked by (our director) Mike John, gets him off twice, and licks his asshole clean. Oh, Oh, Oh What a girl! All of these Lovely Latinas have natural breasts and six of them are true video virgins! We know you will enjoy this exotic array of young, sexual ladies. Thanks for watching! The Gang at Diabolic. 2001 AVN Award Nominee for "Best Ethnic-Themed Series"

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