Our Man Timo

Released at: June 11, 2019 by Evil Angel
~~Our Man Timo~~ is the director/video stud/wild man who takes us on uncensored missions into the chaos of real Russian nightclubs, where shameless young beauties strip off their sexy party dresses to get down in full public view! The most adventurous of these lusty exhibitionists dance, strip, mouth-kiss each other, eat pussy, suck Timo's cock and fuck him right on the dance floor, surrounded by more partiers happily dancing, watching and cheering. "Every time I invite several girls, some of them [have already] done this kind of scene; some never," Timo explains. "New girls watch other girls have fun with the sex in public. Public sex makes girls go crazy. Some of them are even ready to do this for free on video! You can see that they like what they do. They don't want to stop the action. They like fans around them..." In the swirl of flashing colored lights and club music, the flirting and flashing get serious, and soon sluts are squirting girl cum all over each other and flood the floor! Timo brings the horniest babes back to his apartment, or follows them to theirs, and then things get really dirty. One threesome gets started on the roof of two girls' apartment; another goes down in an after-hours bar. This two-disc movie is packed with lesbian licking, pussy eating and rim jobs, deep anal sex, widely gaping buttholes getting tongued, ass-to-mouth blow jobs, mouth-to-mouth cum swapping and gushing female ejaculations. Watch for gorgeous, irrepressible blonde Lillian. ~~Timo's Our Man Timo~~ is a double-disc DVD with cumshot recap, photo galleries, cast list and trailers.

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Scene4: 01:35:08 - 01:51:57 (16:49)

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Scene6: 02:12:42 - 02:53:49 (41:07)

Scene7: 02:53:51 - 03:24:07 (30:16)

Scene8: 03:24:10 - 04:04:30 (40:20)