My Uncle Likes Me Hairy

Released at: August 21, 2017 by Desperate Pleasures
**Kendra Heart** - My Uncle and his family came to visit last month and he wound up very ill. Everyone in the family had to work so they asked me to care for him. I would give him his meds and keep his fever in check. One day, i was bathing him and i noticed he had an erection. The thought of my uncles cock got me so hot, i couldn't help myself, I pulled down his pajamas and started sucking his dick. I straddled him and slid him inside my pussy. I came almost instantly but still wanted more. I rode him till i came so hard i screamed. Soon as i did i realized my uncle had cum inside me. How twisted would it be if i wound up pregnant? At least he was oblivious so nobody will ever know this happened! ** Anastasia Rose ** - Ever since my uncle Jay came to visit us in Vegas, I couldn't get him out of my mind. I touch myself and imagine what it would be like to be alone with him again. Most of the family went sightseeing but I stayed behind with my uncle. He was relaxing in his room when i walked in. As soon as he heard we were all alone he seemed to get really excited. Before long his cock was deep in my throat while his face was buried in my sweet young pussy. Uncle Jay made me cum really hard with his tongue but i needed him inside me too. I rode him hard and soon came hard again. He laid me on my back and really pounded me good until he exploded all over my bush. That's such a hoot feeling when you have a creamy hair pie. I hope we get more time alone while we're here, once just wasn't enough! ** Jessica Jones ** - Before I headed off to college i got to spend some time with my uncle Jay and i started developing strange desires towards him. One night i went by this place to "learn to play pool". He leaned over to help me hold my stick right and i ended up holding his! Uncle Jay has such a nice cock and it fit so well in my mouth. When he pulled me to my feet and stripped off my shorts i almost came. Uncle Jay fucked me hard and fast on the pool table before exploding inside me. A few days later i was craving more attention so i went into uncle Jays room and asked him if he could fertilize my bush so it would grow more. I rode his cock for quite awhile then Uncle Jay laid me on my back. He pounded my 19 year old pussy until he exploded all over my growing bush.

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