MM 353: Up For Adoption

Released at: June 23, 2010 by Mass Muscle
In the past, Luis had Anita as his mother, but after suffering so many harsh beatings from her, he went up for adoption and was adopted by Christa. Christa's love for wrestling proves to be too much for Luis once more as he is about to suffer more vicious beatings. Christa's power and strength is beyond compare or words! She easily can knock anyone out with her head scissors. She truly does not know her own strength! She punishes Luis with every kind of head scissors known to man. Also, breathtaking body scissors, grapevines and face-sitting make Christa great to watch! Her muscles flex continuously and man, does she have muscles! After Luis can no longer take Christa's immense power, Ed comes in to talk to Christa and he endures some of the most powerful head scissors ever filmed. Ed is knocked out twice in her front head scissors and rear. For real folks, knocked clean out! Up For Adoption stars the lovely and powerful Christa Bauch, professional bodybuilder and ardent wrestler. Christa travels to the states a couple of times per year, and her contact number is at the end of this video.

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