Lesbian Awakenings

Released at: December 15, 2006 by Bob's Videos
The beginning of love is the sweetest, particularly if it is in previously forbidden territory. As passion is stirred up, it finds expression in our every thought and action. Mary Jane is a popular model, enjoying a visit from her European friend Angela, who is caught up in the glamour and sexy excitement of Los Angeles. Returning from a photo shoot, Mary Jane plans a fun evening for the two friends and sheds her feminine attire for a quick shower before they go out. Angela watches and is then captivated by the gossamer delights, still warm from Mary Jane's soft skin, and she shyly tries on the filmy lingerie. She gets so wrapped up in what she is doing she doesn't hear or see Mary Jane return, and is caught dressed in her friend's dainty, intimate apparel. Angela reluctantly admits how sexy and turned on she is by her newly stirred passion and curiosity. Soon the two friends are lost in sweet kisses and tender touches, leading to an explosive union as they discover lesbian love together for the first time. As a satisfying bonus, Salena Del Ray and Kitty, her new lover, share some warm and tender moments of fulfillment. They take turns slowly discovering the wet passion they feel toward each other in a mesmerizing conclusion to this powerfully erotic film.

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