Klaudia Kelly 2

Released at: July 29, 2016 by Rodney Moore Clips
Big Beatiful Klaudia Kelly is enjoying a hot sensual shower. Suddenly her shower is interrupted when Rodney frantically bursts into the bathroom to go pee. Not only does Rodney get to see Klaudia naked but uh-oh, she's also his brothers girlfriend. Rodney quickly forgets about having to pee and is completely turned on by the sight of Klaudia's plump naked body. He can't help himself he's been single for 6 months so he pulls his big dickout and starts masturbating. Klaudia seems somewhat bemused yet curious, so Rodney has no problem getting her to sit on the toilet and take his meaty cock deep in her throat. Klaudia gobbles his rod down sucking and slurping like crazy. Then Rodney takes her over to the couch so he can slide his meat deep in her plump wet pussy. The two fuck like crazy before Rodney shoots a huge load of goo all over her face.

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