Kitty Marie Helps The Old Man

Released at: September 1, 2022 by Desert Wind Studios
We know the old man really likes tiny girls with small tits but for some reason he can not get enough of this big titted beauty. They start with a little kissing and he goes to sucking on her massive tits. She has him take his pants off so she can play with his soft, tiny cock. Hand job leads to blowjob and the old guy is in heaven. She then crawls on top of the old guy and starts grinding her pussy in his face. He does not seem to mind at all. His favorite part is reaching up and playing with her tits as he licks and sucks on her pussy. Kitty has a very nice climax as he is doing that. After she cums she goes back to work on his cock and as always makes him cum in her mouth. Will she be back??

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