Jelly Vol. 9

Released at: July 6, 2005 by Kick Ass Pictures
Lotsa peeps be axin me how I play. Well lissen up, y'all! A true playa like me don't go down on no pussy. Hay'll no! But I do make a bitch nut every time I hit da ho cake. You can tell when a bitch nut, cuz dat pussy get all warm and tight and starts drippin dat honey syrup all over yo jimmy. Syrup da bitch better lick up if she know what's good, f'real! When you gettin some cut up and breakin some off, make sure you make a bitch nut till she callin out you name. Dat's true pimpin! Control da bitch's nut and you control her mind. Lesson over. Now watch dese hos suck n fuck like dey was natural born to do! Peace.

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