Indecent Chicks

Released at: June 12, 2020 by Pussy Babes
Whether you're a gorgeous straight-looking beauty, or a girl who looks a tad more masculine, it doesn't really matter here. All that counts is that you enjoy the feel of tongue on your moist, wet pussy...and take it from us, there isn't a slut included in this five-star offering that doesn't enjoy that. Lily Cade and Daisy Layne lead a premier-class cast of hardcore lesbians who couldn't care less about cock; but who are more than happy and willing to go headlong into girl-on-girl action like it's what they were born to do. If you love the sight of hot chicks slurping and feasting on each other big time then you're definitely in for a treat. These lesbo-sluts don't hold back for a second...and we've a sneaking suspicion, neither will you!

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