His Mistress

Released at: November 13, 2019 by Pure Taboo
Tina (Jay Taylor) and her husband Jeremy (Danny Mountain) kiss passionately as he climbs on top and starts fucking her in missionary position. She loves it and begs him to go deeper. At a certain point, he pulls out his dick and eagerly asks if he can try to put it in her ass again. Her demeanor changes, as she looks up at her husband anxiously. "We can try...," she says, nervously rolling over. "But not if it hurts, ok?" Jeremy gets very excited and, grabbing his lube, greases her up and starts trying to stretch out her asshole. As he starts to slide himself inside, Tina cries "STOP! Please Jeremy! I can't do it!" Disappointed and frustrated, Jeremy pulls out and gets off the bed in a huff. "I made the mistake of not doing it before we got married," he says coldly. "I should have known better."

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