Happy Adjuster

Released at: May 24, 2018 by City Girlz
I was on my way home the other day texting with my girlfriend and out of the blue a dumbass stopped right in front of me (couldn't he see I was on the damn phone) people just do not have any manners anymore ....anyway long story short, the stupid insurance company did not want pay the claim saying I haven't paid my auto insurance in months ... I told her (DUH) " I'm paying that until I need it" why pay a stupid bill if I don't need it (until now) ...She sends the adjuster out , he's kinda cute but all business you know the type but like my mama always told me "Sally Elaine" (she always added Elaine when I was in trouble) those BIG tits and firm ass might work on the rest of the world but not here young lady" ...... mama, how true how true ...

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