Filthy First Timers #7

Released at: March 15, 1997 by Elegant Angel
Coral Sands (my home-girl from San Diego), beckoned me (and my camera) over to her house, where she was getting' down to bid'ness with the extremely voluptuous Santa Fey. Coral is merciless and wastes no time getting toys, tongues and fingers in every orifice. Next is Nellie, an 18-year-old dark eyed honey, who willingly offers up her tight little asshole to a good fucking! Sienna is another dark eyed 18-year-old sexpot, who gets tagged-teamed by my buddy Matt and myself (Great double facial!!!). Tommy Byron jumps on board my amateur express and helps deflower, as well as anally delight, my Asian discovery (also 18years-old!) Pearl Essence. Rita an extremely petite Mexican girl is next in line. Followed by another young Mexican lovely, Meeka. Both senoritas get hot and nasty. My buddy Matt York returns with a pretty 18-year-old black girl, named Tori Hinz and he rocks her world on my living room floor. Finally there is Lana, who came to me, via Dirty Bob, in Las Vegas. She claims to be the blowjob queen of the Mid-West. I fucked her too for good measure!!

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