Femorg: Daisy Destin "Desire"

Released at: August 3, 2017 by Femorg
Daisy Destin is a hot blonde babe with phenomenal natural breasts and saucer nipples, a great body, nicely trimmed pubic hair, and a love for the Hitachi wand when she masturbates! She likes to finger herself while keeping the big vibrator planted on her clit until she cums, squirting on occasion, her nipples perking up and hardening with every orgasm! Daisy Destin lifts up her purple top and cups her large natural breasts before she turns around and peels her panties down over her curvaceous ass. She leans up against the headboard of the bed after she takes her top off completely ... she is now only wearing a pair of thigh high stockings as she starts masturbating with her fingers. Her pussy is wet with anticipation and we can hear the squishy moist pussy sounds. She is sporting short cropped pubic hair on top, but shaved down around her labia. Daisy turns on the Hitachi and plants it on her pussy - the thing has her panting and moaning in seconds. She is a bit of a thruster, so keeps thrusting her hips up against the toy but we can still make out some perineal contractions as she masturbates. But the buzzer alone isn't going to do the trick ... Daisy shifts position, lifts her leg up and begins to rapidly thrust a finger in and out of her vagina as she masturbates with the wand. Two fingers are next as the wand maintains the stimulation on her sweet spot. And that's enough to do it ... Daisy clasps her legs together and cums hard! The photographer tells her to move her hand and she does ... and puts the wand back and goes for another orgasm. She pulls her legs up and apart, giving us a clear view of her pussy and ass as she buzzes away at her clit. But Daisy needs a bit more ... she starts to finger fuck herself again with two fingers and once again, that's exactly what she needed ... "I'm so close", she says, as she jams her fingers in and out of her pussy. Her moaning gets louder and more intense again as she works both the toy and her fingers ... she even squirts a little as she cums again, this time she pulls her fingers out as she cums making her contractions more visible. She rides out her orgasm as long as she can take it, then abruptly turns off the toy as she catches her breath. Her saucer nipples are a dead giveaway - they harden nicely with each orgasm! Daisy Destin really is very pretty and she has a killer body! She is wearing a pair of thigh high yellow stockings, a white top and pink panties as she crawls onto the bed. The top comes off very quickly and she is not wearing a bra underneath it ... very, very nice! Then she takes off her panties, leans back up against the pillows, spreads her legs and starts fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit. She already knows that this won't be enough for her, so she picks up the wand, turns it on low power and puts it straight onto her clit. The sensations it delivers has her squirming and panting and moaning instantly. Daisy's pussy also reacts with little contractions ;-) ... she pulls her legs back so we can have a completely unobstructed view of the big buzzer on her gorgeous pussy. As she gets more and more aroused, Daisy knows that she needs to feel something inside in order to be able to cum, so she moistens two fingers and starts finger fucking herself as she masturbates with the wand. All of a sudden, she pulls her fingers out and starts thrusting hard against the wand until she cums with a trickle squirt! Daisy is done ... she rubs her swollen wet pussy, then lays back to recover. Daisy is sitting on the bed in a fishnet body suit that leaves nothing at all to the imagination, and looks very sexy on her fantastic body. She pulls the straps down to release her lovely breasts, then leans back against the pillows, spreads her legs, and begins to masturbate with her fingers. She dips them into her vagina, retracts some moisture, then rubs her clit in a circular fashion. Daisy much prefers vibrating toys, so she reaches over and picks up a tiny wand-ish vibrator which she fires up and buzzes her clit with. Her pussy looks wonderfully pink between her parted lips as she masturbates, jiggling the toy up and down over her sensitive button. She works the toy on her pussy for quite a while, then gets into her usual mode when she is ready to cum ... she inserts two fingers into her vagina and finger fucks herself while she stimulates her clit with the toy. But with all the buzzing and fingering and contractions and hot views, the little toy seems to get her close but lacks the umph to make her cum. Daisy gets frustrated with the toy and asks the cameraman for "the big Hitachi". He is happy to oblige. She turns it on and puts it on her clit as she inserts two fingers into her pussy ... "Ahhhh" escapes her lips ... such relief! Daisy clearly just wants to cum after all the teasing from the sub-par toy ... she holds the Hitachi firmly in place as she jams her fingers in and out of her pussy until with an "oh my God", she arches her back, pulls out her fingers and cums hard, even lets out a little queef in the process! Her nipples tell the story too ;-) ... She switches off the toy and takes a minute to catch her breath after that long buildup. Daisy sits up and smiles at the camera as she touches her sensitive pussy. Daisy looks really pretty as she takes off her little top, her bright blue bra, and her stretchy shorts. And I'm always impressed when she releases her great natural breasts! She leaves on her blue stockings as she parts her legs and begins to rub her pussy with her fingers. She runs her fingers up and down her slit, around and around on her clit, and makes squishy sounds with them in her vagina. But Daisy isn't messing around - she reaches over for the Hitachi, cranks it, and puts it directly on her clit. The sensation makes her instantly gasp ... but she keeps the toy firmly planted on her sweet spot, moaning and whimpering as she soaks it all up. Her pussy lips are nicely parted as the head of the wand pushes her clit slightly to one side. Daisy starts twitching and thrusting just as some pre-orgasm contraction set in, but she doesn't falter - she keeps the wand firmly in place. Her nipples harden just before her pussy lets out a squirt as she cums! Daisy is sated - she lays back with her legs apart, pussy lips spread apart nicely. She reaches down to show us more of her post orgasm pussy. Daisy is sitting on her bed as she releases her breasts from a bustier and pulls down her tight and tiny denim shorts. This time she is wearing a pair of pink thong panties which she pulls off over her feet. Now wearing just a pair of black thigh high stockings, Daisy props herself up against the pillows, parts her legs, and begins to finger her pussy. She is already quite wet, judging by the squishy noises! But Daisy doesn't waste much time messing around - she fires up the magic wand and plonks it on her clit. She begins thrusting against the powerful vibrations very quickly, whimpering with delight. She keeps the toy planted for quite a while, pulling her knees back for maximum exposure as she finger fucks her pussy with two fingers. It takes her quite a while to find this one - her nipples perk up along the way, indicating that she may even have had a mini-orgasm. But she keeps on going, keeps the Hitachi in position, and keeps on soaking up the sensations until her nipples perk up again and she cums, riding out her orgasm for as long as she can. Daisy fingers herself and looks like she wants to do it again with the wand, but doesn't.

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