Family Cuckolds 2, The

Released at: April 1, 2019 by Desperate Pleasures
Dolly Leigh - Honey I have a confession or 2 to make. You see I've kinda been a bit naughty and hooked up with a few random guys! Anyway your Uncle found out and then he blackmailed me for sex. Yes it was a bit awkward but to be honest it turned me on quite a bit. Needless to say your Uncle fucked me so good I've been coming back regularly! I really get off on the thought of your watching as I fuck your Uncle so I'm making this video just for you. Kay Kash - After Kay and I got married we had pretty busy schedules. She somehow managed to hid losing her job and making even more money on Truckstop Hookups website. Somehow or another my uncle found out and went to confront her about it. SHe begged him not to tell me and even offered him sex in return. They got so comfortable sneaking behind my back I came home early one day and caught them in the tub together. I'm not sure how I feel about being cuckolded by my wife but I'm definitely not comfortable with her fucking my uncle. Gisele Roxx - My man just isn't doing it for me anymore and I need a real cock like yours. Since I'm stuck with him I want him to watch while I enjoy your cock baby. You don't seem to mind him watching while I suck your cock and taunt him at all. Your cock is so much nicer than his and it gets me so wet just thinking about riding it. I'm gonna make him jerk his cock while we fuck in front of him, this is so hot. He's actually getting turned on watching a real man's cock pleasing me. OMG I'm gonna cum so hard riding you, oh I think he came too. Now it's your turn shoot that big manly load in my mouth while he watches. That was so hot we should do it again soon!!

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