Fake Agent UK Vol. 6

Released at: April 13, 2021 by Fake Agent UK
I met with Tara Spades today, a lovely blonde MILF with a massive set of knockers that were peeking out through her see-through top! She told me straight out, "I would like to fuck, and get paid, if I can, please?" It was music to my ears! Tara confessed she keeps getting sacked from her jobs for having affairs with her bosses, and decided to find a job that would suit her nymphomaniac nature. I told the posh sweetheart she'd definitely come to the right place, and to put her through for a job, we would need to do a naked casting. Tara was all on board. Out came those amazing tits, and then I saw she was wearing crotchless stockings. And it turned out Ms. Tara was super flexible. I quite enjoyed pounded her pussy, and told her I would get her lots of work. I even promised her four dicks minimum for her first shoot, to make the little cock monster happy.

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Lola Rae

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