Fake Agent UK Presents - Mariska

Released at: July 16, 2021 by Fake Agent UK Clips
"This was no ordinary woman, she was very confident and she knew what she wanted. She was already doing some adult work in Belgium where she now lives, but she wants to expand her portfolio and do some work here in the UK. I went through my usual routine of questions and information about the agency but all I really wanted is to see this very attractive lady with her clothes off, so I asked her to undress and she did without hesitation. As she slowly removed her clothes I could feel my cock rising in my trousers, as each part of her clothing was eloquently taken off. I then asked her to lie on her back and play with her pussy, I was now holding the camera as she looked straight at me with her very sexy eyes, my cock was so hard by now that if it fell off it would have broken my foot, she was one sexy lady and I wanted more. As she slowly made her way off the sofa and unzipped my trousers my cock was throbbing with excitement, her tongue slowly run over the tip of my cock while the whole time still looking at me with those fuck me eyes. I don't know how long I can hold off before I slide my cock deep up inside her, but I was getting desperate to find out, this was one passionate lady and a day I will remember for all the right reasons."

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