Ex-Mom Movement

Released at: April 11, 2016 by Girlsway
Mercedes Carrera is having an identity crisis. It's as if the life she ended up with was never intended for her. This is the type of turmoil one can end up in when we strive to meet someone else's high set expectations. Mercedes has been seduced by not one but four of her step-daughters, all from previous marriages. Her dilemma harkens back to a time when things were easier. We know Mercedes has had a rich, formative past, but will her new therapist Allie Haze pick up on Mercedes' stifled lesbian inner voice, or help Mercedes be that same boring housewife she's always thought she wanted to be? Witness Mercedes's incredible transformation from typical heterosexual housewife, through a journey into her past, leading her to become the star lesbian MANTIS agent we've grown to know and love.

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