Dream Girls: Wild Party Girls #27

Released at: May 10, 2005 by Dream Girls
There's a party in my pants...and you're invited! Here's your ticket to go all the way with...Wild Party Girls. 'I'm gonna lay down with a strap-on...' We met up with Mia, Marissa, Abby and Danielle topless at the beach in Key West. It doesn't take long for these hotties to start rubbing lotion all over each other. Before leaving the beach, they make sure to wash each other off in the showers and it doesn't take long to draw a crowd! 'We're some hungry girls!' says Mia as Danielle eats her out and Marissa eats out Abby! These wet girls definitely earn a round of applause! We off to Indiana to catch America's best all-nude pool party where more than 100 hot girls compete naked for the title of Miss Nude North America. Join us front row and center uncovering another incredible wet t-shirt contest where it takes skin to win! Then, we're off to Bourbon Street - Party Central for Mardi Gras where we see even the most innocent girlfriends, sisters, and housewives flashing tits and ass as they turn into Wild Party Girls! Back at the house Danielle can't keep her tongue off Mia's hot wet pussy! Then Marissa joins in on Danielle for the Key West Express! After some more carpet munching, Marissa decides 'I'm gonna lay down with a strap-on and Mia straddling me!' As Mia rams Danielle's pussy with a vibrator, she yells, 'Screw me! Further! You can do it! Shove it in me!' Marissa tells Mia, 'Come on baby! Screw me!' as she slams her pussy with the strap-on! 'Screw baby, screw her! Screw the shit outta that bitch!

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