Das Internat 2

Released at: March 18, 2023 by Erotic Planet
Maria is a young, attractive teacher at a boarding school for sexually disturbed adolescents. After escalating arguments with her students, her nerves are on edge. In desperation, she seeks help from director Horst Baron, who sympathetically grabs her tits, enjoys sucking his glans, and bursts the piglet's asshole on his desk. Multi-millionaire Reinhart Ebert turns out to be an ass fucker who calls student Sarah home to live out his anal cravings. Classmate Angel, a rat-sharp, plump-ass slut with huge, swanky tits, ventilates her friend Otto's trunk and has the shaved labia between her thighs polished to a high gloss. In order to be able to spend a night together with her new boyfriend at the boarding school, newcomer Jasmine unabashedly lets porter Jorg jump and inseminate her. Caretaker Dieter von Stein also visits the asshole of his young lover Elli, 19, from the final year, before he goes to work, so that he can arrive relaxed and drained of juice. Have fun!

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