Damsel In Distress 194 - Revenge On All Cheerleaders

Released at: October 14, 2010 by Red MILF Productions
Keri had a date from the escort service. The request was that she dresses up as a sexy cheerleader. Her date is standing back in the shadows. She models the outfit for him. He asked her to turn around and not look back. She did as she was asked. Suddenly he came out of the shadows and attacked her. He tied and gagged her on the bed. The man hated cheerleaders and took out his anger on her. He thought of her as a slut any way. He fingered her pussy and fucked her in several positions. He pushed his cock in her mouth. The man told her what he thought of her and preppy cheerleaders. He hated how they teased. He told her she deserved everything he had to give her and he gave it to her good.

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