Daisy Destin's Family Album 2

Released at: April 23, 2020 by Taboo-Fantasy
Step-Mom finds Jason's Report Card...hidden in his backpack....and she is furious to discover that he failed math! When Jason arrives home, Step-Mom immediately confronts him. Step-Mom and Step-Dad even hired a math tutor for Jason...which makes it even more difficult for Step-Mom to process! Jason has no explanation for his poor grade...so Step-Mom decided he must be punished! Step-Mom orders Jason to take his pants off....put his penis between her thighs...and get across her lap for a good old fashioned over the knee spanking! Step-Mom wails away on Jason's behind...and when he begs for the punishment to end...Step-Mom tells him that she is going to sit on his face! Step-Mom face sits her humiliated Son...first with her pants on...and then with her pants off! "Lick Step-Mommy's ass!!!" she says, as she straddles him. When Step-Mom finds out that Jason has a Date that night...she decides to make the punishment even crueler....by fucking her Son's brains out....and stealing all of his sperm!

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