Cuties From Next Door

Released at: January 18, 2021 by Sweethearts
Casey is every teen lover's dream come true. She has a neighbor who's about to get real lucky. Just how lucky is something he couldn't of ever fathomed. This busty blonde teen is the most perfect example of Mother Nature's fine work. There's nothing fake or flawed on her delicious teen body. The way she gobbles up his cock could give any man a heart attack. This cock pleaser is ready to kick everything into gear. She'll do just that by hoping on his cock and taking it for a joyride. That well fucked pussy of hers isn't done being the center of attention yet. It'll provide the best place for him to shoot his creamy load of cum. Fences don't make great neighbors. Hot and horny busty teen girls do. The innocence of a teen such as Mina is lost the moment her neighbor takes charge. He has had his eye on her since she moved in next door. For him, it's all about getting his cock wet in the elusive teen pussy. The dreams of every man are found in between the legs of a girl just like her. She may not know it yet, but he's playing her like a fiddle. There is no way that a girl can back out of the trap an experienced man such as himself lays. It's only a matter of her sucking his cock and taking it deep in her pussy. A man who has as many tattoos as he does is someone who a dark side to him. A side that rules his every waking minute and causes him to trick innocent girls into getting covered with his jizz. Rebecca is a curious teen who ends up meeting her neighbor in an odd way. She does so, by seeing him after poking her head out of a window. They end up going back to his place and the fun happens almost immediately. The blowjob she gives is something every person should witness. She's naturally talented at cock sucking and her neighbor couldn't be happier. Hopping onto his cock is second nature for a teen such as her. However, the sex these two desire, will only happen as the result of a pounding. Yes, her teen pussy will get put to the test by this horny neighbor. He pounds away at that tender twat of hers, until he squirts a huge load of messy cum all over it. When Ria spoth her hot neighbour across the street she asks him to come inside. She is happy to find out he is willing to come to her house. This is a chance she can't let slide and she goes for it. And with success, he doesn't mind Ria sucking and playing with his dick at all. He treats her to the nice pounding she has been longing for all along.

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