Cuck My Life and Fuck My Wife 3

Released at: April 20, 2021 by NSFW Films
2022 AVN Award Nominee for Best Niche Movie 2022 AVN Award Nominee for Mark Stone Award for Outstanding Comedy Angelina Diamanti is tired of her worthless husband and planned a coup with her lover to extort her husband to sign the trust over to her. If that's not bad enough, she then makes her husband watch as Charles fucks her tight pussy good and he gets shown what it is like to fuck a woman hard! Sofi Ryan is taking dancing lessons with her husband but he is completely worthless doing anything, even sex! Roman shows him the secret to salsa is to make it seem like you're making love to the lady but he takes it one step further! Sofi finally feels what it is like to be with a real man and loves every moment while her husband stupidly just watches on the sidelines while some other man fucks his wife hard! Vanna Bardot is so tired of her worthless husband. He is always whining no matter what and now he can't see and insists on her taking care of his every need... what about her needs? She needs to suck cock and feel balls slapping against her ass. Even when he can see he is oblivious. Vanna and her coworker can be having sex right in front of him and he would not know it. Vanna loves sucking that hard cock; taking it deep down her throat. How can anyone be so oblivious to her needs? Vanna needs cock and will get it any way she can! Sidra Sage is tired of her fat husband always coming up with excuses as to why he doesn't work out. She tries to get him to the gym and what does he do? Goes and buys a cheeseburger. Ryan's trainer decides to take things into his own hands and that happens to be Sidra's face while he face fucks her right there on the spot. This is how a real man fucks. Just eat your burger and shut up you little bitch. Ryan munches on a burger while Charles munches on a sweet wet pussy! Which would you pick?!? Sidra loves that cock and Charles gives her the best workout she has ever had. She thinks she will be taking many more lessons with a great cock like that making her really sweat and cum hard!

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Scene1: 00:01:43 - 00:22:48 (21:05)

Scene2: 00:22:53 - 00:47:17 (24:24)


Sofi Ryan

Scene3: 00:47:22 - 01:11:54 (24:32)

Scene4: 01:12:01 - 01:37:24 (25:23)


Sidra Sage