Cougar Sightings 12

Released at: January 3, 2023 by Brazzers
Love At First Swipe - Nina whips out an adult chat app on her phone and starts chatting up a sexy stranger...little does she know it's that pesky stepson of hers jerking off in his bedroom right next door! Instead of confronting the young man, she decides to make the most of a sticky situation and fuck him instead! Sneaking In A Last Minute Facial - Tyler Faith is just about to close up shop at her spa when Kieran Lee is dragged in by his bitchy fiance, who wants a facial. Tyler treats Kieran's fiance to a facial mask and covers her ears with the sounds of relaxing music, so she can sneakily give Kieran one last taste of freedom, and her pussy before they fuck behind her back - literally! One Lucky Butler - Chanel Preston's new butler, Chad White, is in for a treat on his first day of work. Chanel puts her goods on display at every opportunity, but Chad remains professional. When Chanel summons him to the bathroom for a towel, he can't believe his eyes when he discovers she's already naked and in the tub! A Pot of Golden Dildos - Diamond Jackson has the luck of the Irish on her side when she discovers a pot of gold in her backyard. Upon closer inspection, the pot is also filled with golden dildos! Everyone knows where there's a pot of gold, theres a leprechaun not far away. Ricky Spanish is that leprechaun, and he's not only after his gold, he's after Diamond's massive tits and wet pussy! Inherit This! - Kieran hates Sarah. he thinks she's a greedy bitch out to steal his inheritence. As they argue about who gets what their anger escalates. Sarah finally pulls her skirt up and shows her ass to Kieran, telling him that it's all he's going to get, take it or leave it. Kieran, never the one to be upstaged, accepts her offer and slides his cock right up her ass!

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