Contract Killers

Released at: March 2, 2006 by Platinum Blue Productions
These girls aren't hired mercenaries, they are ~~Contract Killers~~. Girls that have shot "the first" of their real fuck scenes while in negotiations with companies like Hustler, Wicked, Video Team, and Defiance Films. Little do they know we shot Jessica Jaymes first boy/girl and Taylor Rains first girl/girl. Shyla Stylez hasn't shot a scene in 2 years due to the drama from her contract with Jill Kelly but we got her and getting fucked in the ass! All of these girls are hard hitting 5 star sluts and trust us you won't be able to see them anywhere else all together in one movie EVER!!!

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Scene1: 00:02:54 - 00:30:51 (27:57)

Scene2: 00:30:54 - 00:54:30 (23:36)

Scene3: 00:54:33 - 01:19:09 (24:36)

Scene4: 01:19:11 - 01:36:21 (17:10)

Scene5: 01:36:24 - 01:56:42 (20:18)