CFNM - More Than Just A Massage

Released at: October 28, 2010 by William Higgins Productions
Coming in for what they think is just a standard rub-down, our two boys are told to undress as the waiting masseuses peek from around the curtain. Liking what they see, they take their first client and rub him down with oil. Face down on the table, he can't quite see what is going on, but as the girls rub every inch of his body, his face tells us that he likes it. Fingers wedged tightly between his cheeks, his cock hardens as the second girl slides it through a carefully placed hole on the table and prepares for what promises to be a spectacular set. As we rejoin this set, we find one boy right in the middle of his massage, although this is not your normal rub and tug. Oiled up, he shines under the hot studio lights. Sliding his cock through a handy placed hole, he is jacked from underneath by one of our lovely ladies. Brought to the verge of cumming, he is blindfolded and compelled to fellate a strap on dildo, as his own cock is slobbered on by the girl hiding below. Sat naked in the corner, we are then joined by our second boy, but just what lies in store, you will have to wait and see. Back with the girls in the massage room, they have found a second boy in need of a good rub down. Stripping off his clothes, they tease and taunt his slim body, causing his nipples to stand erect and his cock to follow suit. Laid out on the massage table, he is smothered in oil and his cock, like the client before him, is slipped out the hole on the underside of the table and promptly swallowed down the masseur's throat. But what lies around the corner is the real surprise. The boys didn't know what hit them when they came into this set. Two gorgeous girls dressed in white ordering them to strip and lay on the table. With his cock poking through a hole in the massage table, he writhes around as it is slurped down by one of our experts. Bringing in the second guy, she orders him to take her place. Then, bending the men over, the girls don strap on cocks and ride these boys like the wild stallions that they are.

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