Blondes Take It Black 4

Released at: October 14, 2015 by DEF Entertainment
One big black Anaconda needs a big meal to satiate his hunger. Four young, doe eyed blondes would be quite a sexual meal to satiate his appetite! Blondes Take It Black is in its 4th installment and the hot blondes keep cumming. First, we have Leya Falcon who is hot and full of sexual energy. Watch her and John E. Depth bring out the beast in each other with deep penetration and lots of screams. Can Leya be tamed? Secondly, we have the petite Kandi Hart who craves for big cock. She sneaks away to have a date with the anaconda and gets her pussy stretches and satisfied. Kandi says, the bigger the better. Thirdly, we have the hot sexy blonde bombshell Lela Pryce, who loves to fuck and suck big black cock. Today was her lucky day because she runs into John E. He fucks her until her pussy leaks and cums. Lastly, we have the hot MILF Harmony who feins for the anaconda. Watch as John E. knocks on the wrong door, but ends up in the room with this hot blonde who fucks him until they both pass out. Welcome to Da Bone Age.

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