Barbie AKA Victoria Knight Teen Pantyhose

Released at: March 9, 2015 by Playtime Video
Barbie is a Playtime legend and we are happy to produce another cock throbbing video that will drain you dry. Barbie is your personal secretary and suited up from head to toe for the job. But when you come walking in, she takes a break and lets her hair down. The skirt and heels come off and in her shiny black tights she foot fucks her life like dick toy. And as if that wasn't enough, next she lies back and shows you how flexible she is as she lifts her leg up over her head and holds it long enough for you to focus on her beefy labia through her tights. Barbie leaves you begging for more. Barbie is rolling around her living room in a black skirt and white tights teasing you with in your face crotch shots of the tastiest pussy you've ever laid eyes on. This girl's labia smashed into white tights is really something to see. Slow motion movements throughout the entire scene allow you to enjoy every inch of her beautiful body as she does a slow strip tease to nude. Barbie's fashion show begins as she slowly slides on a pair of red tights and ends up changing into a pair of printed black tights. And with each pair she pays close attention to your needs as she rolls around and gives you a real good look at what she's got. Barbie is alive and you are loving every minute of it. Barbie is so adorably cute in this scene in her red tights and rainbow knee socks. Adorable suddenly turn to sexy as Barbie takes off her top and reaches into her night stand for another pair of tights. She keeps direct eye contact with you as she slowly slides off the red tights and changes into her blue tights. Once she's got them on what she does next will send your creamy load through the roof!

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